Saturday, March 5, 2011

Working Together

Many times in the ED we are overwhelmed,either by volume or acuity. A code, a stroke, an heart attack, a major trauma, coming without warning, requires multiple hands working together. Maybe that is why we seem to have this team thing down pretty well. It truly is a case of the total being greater than the sum of it's parts.
I attended the United Way night at Foxwoods this week. I sat with the state leadership of AFT CT, and leaders and members of the 3 L+M AFT locals. Melodies Peters, our state VP was one of the co-chairs and the L+M locals were being honored for their high level of involvement. It was enlightening on several levels. I got to see that we at Backus are not alone. We will be an independent local but part of a larger federation of locals,from other Connecticut hospitals and schools and across the nation. This federation gives us strength and yet we maintain our independence. I also got to see several companies in partnership with their unions doing great things for those in need. It need not be "them against us".
I am told by those who have gone through organization efforts that when it is over both sides will sit as equals and work things out, I look forward to that day. I would hope that administration's goals are the same as ours-that we employees have a voice and that we work together to make our hospital a better place for all to work and be treated.
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