Monday, March 28, 2011

springtime and a new beginning!

It is not always easy to stand up to someone in authority. I remember the first time I stood up to a Trauma Surgeon about his behavior during a Code Red. His yelling was not helping the Trauma Team. It was increasing the anxiety level and making people all thumbs. It was difficult. He was an intimidating man. But It had to be done for my team and for the patient.
Last Monday, in the spirit of cooperation, we presented David Whitehead, president of Backus Hospital, a letter letting him know that an overwhelming majority of Backus Nurses want to form a union and that we can prove it. The small group of nurses presenting did so with the utmost pride as the representatives of Backus RNs. Our goal is to form a partnership with administration so we can give our patients the best possible care. Those responsible for direct patient care must be respected and treated as equals. The presentation of this letter was in the spirit of partnership. We are not afraid of a vote: we welcome it.
Offering administration a chance to voluntarily recognize our union was a courtesy consistent with normal protocol and with federal law.

We were ignored.

He would not meet with us.

This Monday we filed with the Labor Board seeking an election to certify our local. While we wish the hospital would have recognized us, we will not be deterred. We hope that administration will respect us in this process and not waste hospital money trying to interfere. Regardless of the stance the hospital takes, we will prevail. We stand proud and tall as an overwhelming majority. When we win the election, the hospital will be required by law to recognize us and bargain in good faith. As partners, we will be in a better position to advocate for our patients, our families, our community and ourselves.

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