Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thank you healthcare colleagues

I want to give a big thank you to my colleagues at the Backus Plainfield Emergency Room for the wonderful care you gave my son today.  He's fine, nothing serious. 

Can I still call you colleagues? 
It's been a year since I've stood at the side of an ermergency room stretcher, a year since I've started an IV, titrated a med, held a hand.
I haven't forgotten. 
I may not think of it every day, but on occasion, I remember.

I remember the fear on losing a patient before I could stabilize them and get them to the CCU.
I remember being with the MD when he delivered the news, and then after a minute or so, left me with the family, because he or she had others who needed attention. I remember asking, "Can I get you anything? A phone? Water?"  I remember these families being so grateful for my caring and feeling.....but we failed you, your loved one is gone.
I remember the hugs given and received from colleagues after a rough case.
I remember the dark humor that we used to cope. 
I remember.

I was with your sisters and brothers in Windham tonight.
On the way, a thought came to me.
I remembered my wife asking me how my day at the hospital had gone and my responding, "It was good day, no one died," and meaning it.
At one point tonight our chief of staff commented on something he and I had talked about at lunch. Someone commented, "You got lunch?"
I remember.

I hope I can still call you "colleagues" my friends. I know I am not in the trenches with you anymore and I realize the honor it is to be in the position I now am. I still carry with pride my years of service at your side.  We shared things that only those who have experienced can understand.  I still self identify as a nurse and always will, and RN is on my business cards.

So thank you for today and for all the years that have led up to it. I am who I am because of you.

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