Saturday, August 27, 2016


We started a one page office newsletter this week at work.
Nothing fancy, picture of the twins born this week to one of our organizers, updates on negotiations, school budget fights, etc.
A note that someone is looking for a mini fridge in case someone has one they aren't using.
That kind of stuff.

The reason we started it is because with everyone going in different directions, and yet everyone's work having an impact on everyone else, it's easy to assume that communications is fine and yet.....not always.

I find it a struggle sometimes when deciding who should be at Meeting A or Meeting B.  You want all the principles involved to be there, yet you don't want everyone tied up in every meeting all day long, or you'd end up all talk and no action.
It's a balance, and the best you can hope for is to try to get it right.

In this age of social media, I know more of what my friends and cousins are up to than I ever did, yet if I spend all my time on FB, when do I have time to sit and talk face to face?

Miscommunication is a problem sometimes too.  I have fallen victim of bad texting, have you?
I've sent a text to a friend meaning one thing, and they have read it in a completely different light, because the tone of one's voice and our facial expressions make a world of difference to meaning, and that doesn't always come through in a text or phone call.

As a general rule, I prefer communication in person, if not possible then by phone, and if that's not possible, then by text or email.

Another part of effective communication (and I struggle with this) is the ability to stop talking and to just listen.  Like many, I'm guilty of trying to think of a response while the other person is still speaking.

Written communication, is of particular interest to me.  The ability to convey the information I want is a part of it. That's the science.
The challenge is to convey emotion. That's the art.
Good writers and painters can to that.
I great piece of writing, artwork, photograph, play or movie can bring tears to our eyes.

We are social beings. Communication in all it's forms is a part of who we are, a part of what makes us "us.".

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