Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We have the truth

One after one they stepped up to the microphone in their suits.
I'm a employee of Yale or L+M, I work for a non-profit that Yale gives money to, Yale is great, L+M is great, we trust them, they will take care of us, they will look out for us, they wouldn't lie to us.
It was sickening to see what dirty money can buy.

Then they started walking up to the mic in Scrubs and Jeans.
I'm a nurse, I'm a tech, I work in housekeeping, I love my community hospital and have dedicated my life to it, but I don't trust them, I've seen how they locked us out, I've seen the salaries they get at the top, I've seen them cut services.
I work at Yale, don't believe them.
I live in the community, I'm worried what increased prices will do to my insurance costs, what decreased services will mean if we have to travel to New Haven.
I live in Windham, I know what happened to my community hospital when it was taken over, don't let it happen here.

The motivation of the first groups was clear, a paycheck, a donation.

The motivation of the second group was also clear, a love of patients, of community.

The room was packed, maybe 200 people.
A coalition of community, faith, and labor sitting to the left.
Yale to the right.
OCHA has the responsibility to decide.
Is this in the best intereest of the citizens?

This acquisition would give Yale 60% of the Connecticut healthcare market and a monopoly along the lower third of the state. 
Would they use this advantage for good, or evil?
Past experience of other healthcare system say evil. 
Past practices of Yale and L+M agree. 

So we took some punches from Yale last night, but we hit back strong. Round two is July 26. 
They have the money. We have the truth and a love for what we do and the community we serve and belong to. 
Bring it on Yale, we're ready. 

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