Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wine, bread, and love

For those of us who follow the teachings of the Galilean rabbi, today is a special day.
The Passover meal is a celebration of God's love for his people.
Jesus celebrates this love of the Father, and shares bread and wine with those closest to him on his last night on earth.

Of all the ways he could have spent those last hours, this is what he chose.
In doing so, he teaches us a very important lesson.
We all have a higher power and all follow a set of ethical beliefs.
One does not have to believe in "God" or "heaven" to be a believer.
One has to believe that we are all interconnected.  That interconnection is our higher power, by whatever name we give it.

Jesus shared companionship, wine and bread as one of his last acts because he believed this higher power, which he called "Abba," (Aramaic for "daddy") is an intimate relationship between peoples, where we are interdependent on one another and share our love and our treasures.

In this time when we seem to be so polarized, when the gap between the rich and the poor seems so great, we should remember how the Galilean lived and what he taught.  

Even on that last night, he shared.

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