Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thoughts from 36,000 feet

36,000 feet above Colorado going 500 miles an hour in a cramped medal tube with 136 other "souls."  
It's not a comfort knowing that they refer to airline passengers as "souls." (At least in airplane disaster movies)
But 5 hours from Hatford to Vegas!
Kind of incredible when you think of it, especially when you think how it can take 3 hours to drive the hundred miles from my home to Danbury, (one of our hospitals) depending on traffic. 
And Vegas.....
Been there once before. Not like anywhere else I've ever been. 

So why this trip?
PSRP PIC, or professional issues conference. AFT Connecticut is honored to include among our 30,000 members, dedicated Paraprofessionals and other school related professionals. 
As a nurse, I know how lost I would be without the other members of the healthcare team. In the middle of a true emergency, it's all hands on deck. I might have been directing care, but often it was the skilled hands of a paramedic starting an IV or a PCT obtaining a blood sample or EKG that made the difference. 
In the "emergency room" of our schools, our dedicated teachers might be directing the class but it is the skill of the PSRP working along side them that can make or break the day. 
So today my work takes me to Vegas, were I hope to learn more about this valuable work and get to know our members even better. 

Yes, getting up at 3:00 am to get to the airport isn't my idea of how to have fun, but the honor of being with our PSRP members for a few days makes it all worthwhile. 

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