Thursday, January 7, 2016

What is the cost of a child's life?

The president came before the nation and announced some modest plans to curtail gun violence.
He has done so many times before, often offering more aggressive steps.
This week, he again listed some of the victims
Fort Hood.  Binghamton.  Aurora.  Oak Creek.  Newtown.  The Navy Yard.  Santa Barbara.  Charleston.  San Bernardino. 
 · The Wall Street Journal · 1/5/2016

and when he spoke of the first graders in Newtown Connecticut he could not hold back the tears.

Tears of sadness for the children, the students, the soldiers, the citizens and all their families but I think also tears of sadness for America, because we seem to be unable to take any action to protect ourselves from further incidents.

I understand this is complicated.
I understand constitutional rights.
But every right has a corresponding duty.
Every right comes with a price.

What is the price of a child's life?

Are universal background checks to prevent those who could be dangerous and could cause a tragedy from obtaining a gun too large a price?

Is the expenditure of appropriate public dollars on mental health screening and treatment in this country too large a price?

What is the price of a child's life?

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