Saturday, January 30, 2016


If, like most people, you are busy with work, your children's school and recreation activities and well...
and if you're not into keeping up with Supreme Court cases,
you might have missed an important event a few weeks ago in Washington that will effect all of our lives.

The Supreme Court heard arguments on a case, Friedrichs v California Teachers.
A decision is expected by summer.
Why should you care?

It's generally accepted that the income inequality in this country is at a historically bad point.
The top 1% of the American population holds more wealth than the entire bottom 90%.
Add to that the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case that basically said placing spending limits on campaign financing is illegal.

This opened the door to the top 1% to spend, and spend, and spend.....and in so doing, control the political process for their benefit.
The only balance to that power is you and I, the working people of this country. IF will all contribute and if we are involved (knocking on doors, getting workers out to vote, educating on the issues) we can at least partially balance their unlimited money. 

But, like we said, we're all busy, right?

So how do we do it? How do we balance the spending power of the top 1%?

We stand together. 
The most effective force to balance the power and influence of the top 1% is organized labor, unions. 

Guess what, the top 1% know this. 

Which brings us to Friedrichs. 
What if they could bankrupt unions? Who would stand against them?
That is why they have brought the Friedrichs case to the Supreme Court. 
When workers vote to unionize, that union has an obligation under law to represent ALL the workers. 
If the top 1% win this case, unions will still have to represent all the workers, but the workers of public employee unions will have the OPTION of paying dues or not. 
The top 1% is already sending information and even paying people to go door to door. Their message is simple, "If Friedrichs goes the way they hope, give yourself a raise, stop paying your union dues. Your Union will still have to represent you."
Sounds good, right?

So, if my fellow nurses decided to "give themselves a raise," I would have to pay for their representation?????

What's next?
My neighbors all stop paying their taxes and I have to pay for their roads to be plowed?

They shouldn't have called it "Friedrichs," they should have called it what it is, freeloading.

And while I'm fighting with my fellow nurses and my neighbors, the top 1% are laughing all the way to the bank,, because my Union can no longer afford to spend the money electing people who will stand up for the workers.

What can we do?
If your in a Union, educate yourself and your coworkers.
If your not in a Union, think about forming one.
If you're a Union leader or employee, fight like hell for your member's rights. Be a good steward of their hard earned union dues. Help people want to be Union. 

If we don't do this, the power of the 1% will grow and grow and grow, and unless you believe the top 1% will "take care of us," this should scare you.

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