Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Danbury community understands

Danbury Rising! stands in solidarity with those that provide the care we count on, our nurses and the healthcare professionals at Danbury and New Milford Hospitals. Join us on Sunday, November 1 at 5:00PM at Broadview Middle School to show these caregivers we have their backs.
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We look forward to seeing you all there!

The Community of Danbury and New Milford understand the issues the workers at the hospitals face.  They understand what it means to work short handed, for 12 hour shifts days on end, they understand making so little per hour that they have to work multiple jobs.

They understand because these workers care for their mothers, their fathers, their siblings and their children when they are ill.
They understand because they have seen these workers bathe their loved ones, hold their loved one's hand when they were scared, cry with the family when that was all that could be done.

They also understand that the hospitals are wasting millions of dollars on lawyers and union busters instead of investing in these workers and negotiating in good faith.
They understand that the greed of the top executives has no bounds.
They understand that the hospital's call for the state to increase funding is akin to throwing good money after bad until the hospitals stop wasting patient care dollars. (which are taxpayers dollars)

Because they understand, they're holding a vigil this Sunday.
Please join them and tell the hospitals to do the right thing and put patients before profits.

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