Friday, February 27, 2015

Jan at the U S Senate

My friend Jan Hochadel testified at the U S Senate yesterday encouraging support for career and technical education (CTE).
Jan, who is President of the State Vocational Federation of Teachers, told lawmakers that "These students want to learn a trade and be employable directly out of high school. They see our system as an opportunity to become middle-class tax-paying citizens at the age of 18. We need to view these students as CTE success stories, not anomalies."
Janis Hochadel testifying

In fact, trade school students are held to the same academic standards as non trade school students, even though they split time in trade and academic classes. 
The fact that the Connecticut Technical High School System can accomplish this is a tribute to it's teachers, students, union (SVFT), and superintendent, Dr Nivea Torres.
Jan's leadership is critical in this.
In October I toured one of these schools with Jan, Ellis, and was so impressed in the work being done there.

Jan is that rare leader who combines passion with ability.
I am happy she has decided to run for AFT Connecticut President, and I am honored to run as her 1st Vice President, along side Jean Morningstar and Ed Leavy.

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