Monday, October 13, 2014

With Dan you get Nancy

With just 21 days to go the political races are heating up and the race for Connecticut's governor is no exception.
The polls show it a dead heat and there is little love lost between the two candidates.
Presidents Clinton and Oboma visit the state this week to support Dan Malloy, there are two debates this week in New London, Tuesday for Joe Courtney and Thursday for Dan Malloy, and they are both preceded by rallies.
If I spent any more time in New London, I could vote there.
The newspapers are posting their endorsements and I thought, maybe I should do the same.

It will come as no surprise that I support Governor Dan Malloy for re-election.
He has taken a state government deficit and balanced the budget, he has reduced unemployment, he is fixing our bridges and roads, he is encouraging businesses to move into and remain in the state, he is investing in emerging technologies, and more.
He has shown his leadership at Sandy Hook and Super Storm Sandy.
He may be the only governor to be both pro-business and pro-labor, pro gun ownership and pro gun safety.
He understands that they are not opposites, that you can have profits without trampling people, you can own guns and protect children.
He understands that a living wage helps working families and the businesses they visit.

At the very same time that Scott Walker was dismantling the rights of working people in Wisconsin, this governor stood, spoke, and marched with Healthcare workers in Norwich and New London, he sat and negotiated with state workers (yes, he negotiated hard, but, he negotiated), and after a rocky start, he came to understand teachers and work with them on common sense testing reforms, naming one of them, AFT's Erin Benham, to the State Board of Education.

He supports project labor agreements, which promote good paying jobs done right the first time. His investments in infrastructure not only make our state roads and buildings safer, they have led to near full employment in the trades. He raised the minimum wage, supports paid sick days, organizing rights, and collective bargaining.
All this at a time when other governors were doing just the opposite.
While his opponent pines for a "Wisconsin Moment" he says,

When I spoke in favor of his endorsement at this June's Connecticut AFL-CIO Convention I spoke about how he had stood with us while others like Scott Walker stood against us and asked what message did we send to politicians if we failed to stand with him now?

I believe that question is still valid and I believe we all know the answer.

For all these reason and one more, I support Dan Malloy for governor.
The last reason?
With Dan you get Nancy Wyman.

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