Sunday, September 28, 2014

The work we do matters

I received a very nice thank you card yesterday from one of my members.
She is a nurse with 36 years experience, most of that at our hospital, who was injured lifting a patient.  She went out on worker's comp and an FMLA.
When her FMLA ran out, she was place in indefinite leave but when she was cleared by the doctors to return to work there were no positions on her med-surg floor. 
We had to fight to get her back in the hospital. 
The hospital offered a position in the recovery room, a specialty area where she had never worked. 
It was a set up to fail. 
She tried extremely hard to learn this new position but the hospital was not satisfied with her progress and they let her go and the battle resumed. 
About the same time a position opened on her old floor we fought and were successful in getting her back, where she is doing extremely well. 
It was a long battle.
We fought not once, but twice, to return her to her lifelong vocation.
My executive board and field rep would not give up on her and she would not give up on us.

Her card had a beautiful poem that she had hand written:

Your greatness is measured by your kindness,
Your education and intellect by your modesty,
Your ignorance is betrayed by your suspicions and prejudices,
And your real caliber is measured by your consideration and tolerance you have for others!

Thanks a bunch-you are great at what you do-glad to be an AFT member!

If you are a president, officer or leader of your union, 
if you are a field rep, organizer, lobbyist, or other field staff, 
if you are a support staff member in the office, 
if you work for AFT Connecticut, AFT national, or work for or are a leader of any other union.......
This message goes out to you.

You may not hear the thanks often enough.
You may not feel appreciated.
But my sisters and brothers,

The work we do matters. 

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