Friday, January 17, 2014

On trial: Respect for workers

Right now, in Hartford Connecticut, a trial is taking place. 
The United States of America and the AFT v L+M Corporation. 
The issue: respect for workers, respect for a contract, and putting patients first. 
L+M has moved work "off campus", fired the workers, replaced them, and refused them collective bargaining rights. 
In short, they have broken their contract with their own workers. 
The government of the United States of America agrees with the workers and has joined the union in the trial. 
I am incredably proud to belong to a federation of workers who are standing up and saying NO!
I am equally proud of our union staff members and leaders, at the state and national level, for the remarkable work they are doing. 
I am most proud, of the members of Locals 5049, 5051, and 5123, and their remarkable leadership. You have shown the rest of us how to stand tall. 
I have a special place in my heart for your presidents, Lisa, Stephanie, and Harry, my good friends, my mentors, my sisters and brother. 

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