Monday, April 15, 2013

Rick Olson RN

There's a saying, "a man's man."
Loosely, it means a man who women want to be with and men want to be like. A man who is confident but not coincided, polite but speaks his mind, his own person but accepting of all others.
Rick Olson RN is a nurse's nurse.
He's an ER nurse whom other nurses admire. He understands his patients and his coworkers, whatever their background and treats all with respect. At the same time, he expects patients and coworkers to accept personal responsibility for their own health and their own nursing practice.
Not always a nurse, he has spent his time working with his hands and working out in the bad weather.  He understands hard work and never shirks form it, nor does he expect others to.  Yet he understands the less fortunate in society and has empathy for them.
He has a respect for our EMS bothers and sisters that comes from being one of them, a respect that we should all imitate.
Whether working the floor or being in charge, Rick seldom sits.  He is always ready to lend a hand.  His knowledge is a benefit to all under his care and all working with him.
Never could he be accused of not speaking his mind, yet he is open minded enough to listen to other augments and judge them fairly.
It's been my privilege to work with him for 12 years.  He is a source of support, advice, and friendship.
This year Rick is being honored as a Nightingale nurse, it's about time.