Saturday, April 20, 2013


Bombings and manhunts in Boston.
Explosions in Texas.
Floods in Chicago.
And that was just this week!

Add to that sickness in our families, the economy.....need I go on?

It makes a person want to post on facebook, "Hello.....God.......are you still there?"

I've been told by someone at sometime, that if I can't see God it's not because He has moved away, it's because I have.
OK, if you say so.
I do know that some people seem to go though some pretty horrible things but do alright, emotionally and spiritually, if not physically, and it seems to be related to their believe and dependence on some form of a higher power in their life.

Listen, if you're looking for answers to life's great questions, don't look here, I'm just trying to do my best.  But maybe if we all stop running, stop trying to do it all alone.  Maybe if we stand still and ask for help.....
Maybe God, or some higher power, will find us, and we'll all be a little bit better.
In the meantime, give someone a hug, it'll heal the both of you.