Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Guardian Angels of Sandy Hook

As a small child I had a picture over my bed.  It was a young boy, maybe 6 or 8 years old, walking down a dirt path with a stick over his shoulder. Hanging from the stick was a string and a hook and he was obviously on his way to go fishing. This young boy was looking up into the eyes of a young man who was walking beside him with his arm around the shoulder of the boy.  The young man looked to be in his 20s or 30s and had gentle eyes looking down at the boy.  They both wore smiles and the picture was bright, like the sun was shinning.  The young man wore a white robe, that went to his ankles and had a rope tied about his waist.  I think the young man had wings but they were translucent, not as obvious as everything else in the picture. They both walked barefoot.
I was told by my parents that this was my Guardian Angel.
My Guardian Angel was aways with me, and would always protect me, and we all had Guardian Angels.
The twenty children of Sandy Hook Elementary School have been lovingly called Angels, and they are.
There are many stories of heroism coming out of this tragedy, of adults who put themselves in harms way to protect "their children".  No doubt many children were saved because of such courageous acts by these Guardian Angels.
I'm sure the children felt the same kind of comfort being with them as I did as a young child, knowing my Guardian Angel was always looking over me.
Six of these Guardian Angels made the trip home to Heaven with their children.
Rachel, Dawn, Anne Marie, Lauren, Mary, and Victoria have complete their mission on earth and are now protecting their children in Heaven.