Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook

Sometimes there truly are no words.

What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School is unfathomable.

We struggle to understand the irrational, we seek answers to the unanswerable, we seek to deal and move on.

But How?

I have no answers.
I send my prayers out to those effected, to the families of those who died, to the community of Newtown, to the emergency responders and to the hospital staff who cared for victims.
Educators, students, medical personal, and all of us, across this nation and the world are effected by this.
Maybe that, as painful as it is, it the shinning light in a dark time.
We are all effected because we are all connected, all God's children, all brothers and sisters.

There will be time once the investigation is completed to take steps to decrease the chances of this repeating.
As for now, let us all pray and be there for one another.