Friday, March 16, 2012


We had hoped for a breakthrough tonight, partially because it was the last negotiation session before our big rally on Monday.

However, they rejected our health insurance plan even after our insurance consultant showed how it would benefit both the nurses and the hospital, a win-win.

Instead they offered an insurance plan that would have a decrease in cost to them and an increase in cost to the nurses, that would result in between a 10% loss of pay and a 20% loss of pay for any nurse with health insurance.

They rejected our modest pay scale that would bring some sanity to what is now chaos, and would help retain nurses. Instead they offered a continuation of what we have now, pay for performance, which is not based on performance, but is completely subjective and depends more on how your boss feels about you than how you do your job.
They admitted that it is completely up to them if we even get an increase at all.

We rejected this.

Monday at 4:30, 326 Washington St., Norwich, will be our Rally for a Fair Contract. We expect hundreds of people from the greater labor community of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

I expect EVERY BACKUS NURSE who is not working to be there. Bring your friends and relatives.

If you want a fair contract, if you want to be treated with respect, if you want Backus to be the kind of hospital the community can be proud of, then be there.

There comes a time when everyone needs to decide; which side are you on? This is our time.

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