Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ohio workers standing tall!

Ohio workers have stood up, stood tall, stood proud, and stood in solidarity!
They have protected the rights of teachers, nurses, police officers, firefighters, and all middle class working families by defeating Senate bill 5!
Shortly after taking office, Ohio governor John Kasich pushed SB 5 to repeal collective bargaining rights of Ohio public employees that dated back to 1983. The bill would have died in committee and never come to a vote, but Republicans replaced Sen Bill Deity (R), who opposed it, with Sen Clifford Hite (R), who favored it.
The bill stripped public employees of many of their collective bargaining rights, including a ban on strikes, elimination of binding arbitration, eliminating the right to bargain health care benefits, watering down bargaining rights on employee qualifications, work assignments, promotion rules, pay raises, and more.
Unlike the private sector, public sector workers are not protected by federal labor law. They fall under state law.
Workers across the country have seen their rights eroded, often in the name of balancing budgets, be they public entities or private companies.
Instead of including workers in the process and working together to a better common end point, many cities, states, and companies would rather strip workers of their rights and ignore the suggestions of those who actually do the work.

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