Monday, October 3, 2011

Which side are you on?

If you missed the last contract negotiations you missed a great presentation on our wages proposal to management.  We presented it first to our members and then to management.  There were great questions from our members and a great opportunity for conversations with your 18 member negotiating committee. I have included a link to the power point proposal at the right.

This Wednesday, Oct 5, from 5:15 - 10, at the Holiday Inn in Norwich, we will meet again.  Management has promised a response to our proposal.

That should be interesting.

All are invited and encouraged to join us.

We have spent and continue to spend many hours in thoughtful conversations among the committee and with all members on our proposals and hours at the negotiating table with management.

We do it  because we believe in a better Backus Hospital.  We are proud to represent all the RNs.

Your committee is looking for help.  Without your help, the greatest proposals, the most logical arguments, will not get us the contract we deserve.  We know management does not approach these negotiations looking for the most sensible proposal and putting together a contract that does right by the nurses and best serves the patients. 

When I see ten experienced, trusted and loyal nurses walked out - in spite of record high census just before the flu season begins - I know we have a management that doesn't get it.  It makes me realize that it will not be about putting together reasonable positions and asking politely to have them considered.  I know it is about power.  I know we must stand together and say in one clear voice that WE will not accept a contract that holds back our families or our ability to provide the best possible care to our patients.

We are at the table to negotiate and we are ready to be reasonable and helpful but we will not be patient forever.  We want to bargain but we will not beg.   

This is the turning point.

Your committee is ready to lead, but they are nothing without you.

Our strength comes from the unity of our members.  When management sees sees us united that will be our turning point.  That is when we get the contract our hospital needs, the contract our families need, the contract our community needs.

Many have already come out to negotiations, join them!

I know you are busy, I know you have other obligations, I can appreciate that.  Come when you can, come at any time, come for as long or as short as possible.  Children and other family members are welcome.

                                                  Which side are you on?

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