Thursday, September 22, 2011

we got the A team

At negotiations tonight Ole gave our wages power point presentation and he truly, truly rocked!
If there was any doubt that our union, AFT, wasn't a class act, professional organization, is should be now gone.
When I got home I was compelled to send the following letter to Mary MacDonald of AFT in Washington, Sharron Palmer AFT CT president, and Melodie Peters, AFT CT first vice president.
I share it with you.

Mary, Sharron, Melodie,
I have been meaning to write you for awhile and say thank you for the faith you have shown in us and commitment of resources you have sent us.
We realize we got the A team.
Ole Hermanson gave a wages presentation tonight at negotiations that blew management's mind. If they had any doubt that AFT wasn't in a league of our own, it's gone now.
As for Greg Kotecki, I'm glad he's on our side of the table. He goes toe to toe with the best of Jackson Lewis. At the same time he teaches us the nuances of negotiating, be it at the table or hearing room. I myself have successfully represented two members through his teaching.
At the recent AFL-CIO labor council meeting Sharron graciously said we were going to be a great local. We are, and it's because of AFT CT and AFT national.
You gave us great organizers in Ole, Jennifer Benevento, Nickimmy Hayes, Efrain Torres, and Elizabeth Glenn Scott from national, who turned me into a pretty good organizer through her example and instruction.
You sent us Eric Bailey who writes my best quotes and Dan Durant who is helping us reach out to the community and in so doing not only help people but also put a good face on all unions.
Jessica Smith and Ole took care of me in Washington and allowed me to represent our union by telling our story before the labor board. It was truly an honor to do so.
My hope is that the Backus Federation of Nurses lives up to Sharron's prediction and that we become the model of what a local should be. If we do that, we will have started to pay you back for the faith you have shown us.
Again thank you. Ole truly rocked, he truly did.
John Brady
Negotiations Team Member
Backus Federation of Nurses

Ole's presentation will soon be available online at
Being online will be good, but I wish you could have seen it. He really rocked the house!

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