Saturday, September 26, 2020

Corona Virus Update 9/26 and Hartford Healthcare News

Yesterday, we passed 4500 Connecticut Covid deaths. 76 are hospitalized and 1.1% of tests were positive this week. 


Backus Hospital RNs have authorized a two day UHP strike. A final decision has not been made. They are at the table next Thursday night and we hope management will get serious. The nurses have done a good job preparing and they have the full support of AFT Connecticut and AFT national. 

Some of the outstanding issues are:

The hospital will not commit to maintaining an adaquate supply of PPE

The hospital wants to eliminate tier 3 on healthcare and they want the ability to change plans without further negotiations. 

Although they have given in on their insistence to eliminate steps in favor of a merit system (with no union input), The wage proposal on the table continues to leave salaries significantly behind market. 

In addition, management continues to insist in the press that nurses have had adequate PPE at all times. 

The nurses take these untrue statements as a form of disrespect. 

We still hope to avoid a strike but management has yet to show the good faith that is needed. 

Stay tuned.

In case you missed it, OSHA issued citations with financial penalties against Hartford Healthcare/Natchaug Hospital for Covid safety violations.

While in Windham, our community coalition to stop the closure of Labor & Delivery services continues to grow.


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