Friday, September 30, 2022

Windham Nurse’s Strike

 Our AFT Connecticut AFT Nurses & Health Professionals Windham Hospital Unions United Windham Hospital Registered Nurses Local 5041 and Windham United local 5099 have ended their 2 day Unfair Labor Practice strike/picket and returned to the bedside (where they prefer to be). I want to congratulate both locals on a successful strike/picket and show of solidarity. 

Your ability of come together in solidarity exceeded my expectations and I congratulate you and your leadership teams. 

Now it is up to Hartford HealthCare to come back to the negotiations table and bargain in good faith. 

The “unofficial anthem” of the past 2 days seems to have been the song Where not Gonna Take It

Whoa-whoa, we're not gonna take it

No, we ain't gonna take it

We're not gonna take it anymore

We're not gonna take it

No, we ain't gonna take it

We're not gonna take it anymore

No way!

It seems fitting. 

Thank you everyone for your support of our members. 

Monday, September 5, 2022

Labor Day 2022

 I’ve been working, well, a long time. But my introduction to Organized Labor came later in life when we formed the Backus Nurses. It was then that I understood the family that is the Labor movement. 

Happy Labor Day to my AFT - American Federation of Teachers and Connecticut AFL-CIO families and my siblings all over the world in other unions. Thank you for the incredible work you do in your day jobs and your union work. 

Thank you also to the professionals who work for us, the managers and staff of our unions, including the AFT Connecticut staff union, AFTSU, OPEIU - Office and Professional Employees International Union and others I’m sure I’m missing. 

Happy Labor Day!

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Hartford Healthcare should do the right thing

 Hartford HealthCare waited till the last day possible to file an appeal on the state’s decision that they need to reopen Labor & Delivery at Windham Hospital. Windham United to Save our Healthcare is not surprised with this delay tactic. It is something we have come to expect from this healthcare corporation. The fact is, HHC manufactured a decrease in births at Windham Hospital and then tried to use that decrease to justify closing L&D, which they did without state approval by circumventing the Certificate of Need law., resulting in a fine by the state. 

The number of births in the Windham area have not decreased. HHC has just forced them to other facilities, causing increased risk to mothers and babies. 

It is well past time for HHC to do the right thing, the thing the state of Connecticut has instructed them to do, reopen L&D at Windham Hospital. 

WUSH and AFT Connecticut have spots on the CoN task force and we will advocate for Connecticut’s patients and families. 

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Sister Rita Johnson, an angel, has gone to heaven

 Sister Rita was the longtime Chaplin of Backus hospital. She was our strength and our hope, at work and outside of work. Always asking how we were, how our families were. Ask her to pray for someone and she’d ask their name, repeat it in her head, and say they were on her list. When I left the hospital for my current position I asked for and received a blessing from her. I kidded her that she was my “undercover nun” because she was the first sister I knew who didn’t wear a habit. An angel has gone home, but she will remain a part of us.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Victory at Windham Hospital

 This week, 2 years after Hartford HealthCare ended Labor & Delivery at Windham Hospital, the state of Connecticut ruled they did not have the right to do so, that it wasn’t in the best interest of patients, and that they must restart these services. 

So many people have been a part of this struggle lead by a community coalition, Windham United to Save our Healthcare. 

AFT Connecticut is proud to be a community member. 

It gives me great hope when people stand up and stand together against the profit before patients, students and public that seems, at times, to be so prevalent.

No doubt that HHC will continue to fight this decision, and who knows what the final outcome will be. One thing for certain, the community will stand together.