Saturday, April 22, 2017

Joshua Hall

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Today I would like to ask your help.
My friend and union brother, Joshua Hall is running for Connecticut State Representative in the 7th district in Hartford, in a special election on Tuesday due to an open seat.

I'd like you to consider supporting him and if you live in the neighborhood, getting out with your family and friends and voting for him this Tuesday, April 26th..

He is a democrat who is running on the Connecticut Working Families Party line (row C)
There is another democrat running and I'm sure he's a nice enough guy, but he's not Josh.

I've know Joshua for about 6 years.  I've sat beside him at AFT Trustee meetings (where I was a guest and he is a trustee) and seen the depth of his knowledge on pensions and investments and how he has advocated as a great steward of member's money.
I've walked beside him and heard him speak at rallies for healthcare workers fighting for first contracts.
I've heard from my own family members who teach in Hartford of his school visits with members.
He is always prepared, always knowledgeable, always articulate, always respectful of others, and always humble.

Joshua grew up in this neighborhood in the north end of Hartford.
He understands this community and loves it.
That's why after college, he stayed in the community, buying a home 4 doors down the street from his mom, is raising a family there, has taught for 12 years at Weaver High in Hartford, and serves as the 1st Vice President of the Hartford Federation of Teachers, our AFT Local.

In my opinion, we could not ask for a better representative of working families than Joshua.

The election will be this Tuesday, April 25.
Please get out and vote if you are in the district and if you can help in any way please do so.
There is more info on Joshua and the campaign on the Connecticut Working Families Face Book Page.

Thank you.

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