Saturday, January 14, 2017

Caring for those who care for us

In one study from 2014, 80% of nurses reported being attacked while on the job in the previous 12 months.
Think about that a minute.

Nurses, other healthcare professionals and social workers are attacked and injured on a daily basis and at alarming frequency.
These people who have dedicated their lives to the idea that Mark spoke of, "For when I was sick, you cared for me."

It is our duty as a society to care for those who care for us.

That presents us with 2 responsibilities.
First, we must do everything in our power to keep them safe and second we must support them in their life calling.
All workers who care for us need and deserve to be safe.
All workers who care for us deserve our support in their life mission and our agreement with them that healthcare is a fundamental right.

This past Tuesday, Helene Andrews from Danbury Hospital, I, and our brothers and sisters from across the country convened for a hearing in Washington DC on an OSHA standard on workplace violence. It's protection that workers have been advocating for and we had filed a petition asking that the process to develop such protection be started. Helene told her story of how she had been injured at work, not once, but twice. Each time required surgery. I participated in a panel discussion on what would be needed in a standard on workplace violence.
OSHA has excepted our petition and agreed to proceed with the multi-year process.

This Sunday, across the country, people will gather for a day of action for healthcare. We will meet at the Connecticut State Capital at 1:00 pm, with community, labor, and legislative leaders. information here
I hope you can join us.

It is an opportunity to affirm our belief that healthcare for all is a right.
It is an opportunity to show those who care for us that we will care for them.

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