Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sisters and brothers

My friend posted on FB tonight.
"We are born a blank slate and every passer by leaves a mark. I am so grateful to those who have helped me become the person I am. And I am especially thankful for my blitz friends."
( She was talking to a particular group of people in the labor movement)

I wanted to respond that I understood.
I wanted to say that I had met some of these same people and they meant the same to me.
I wanted to say that I had not met some of them but they had effected me through her.
I wanted to say that I have also met other people in the movement, (and so has she), that have left their mark on us.
I wanted to say that the collective influence of all these people is part of the reason we are now working together.

I wanted to say these things, but the feelings were easier to come to than the words needed to explain them.
And that pained me, because I wanted all these people to understand how special they are.

But I think they do understand.

We call each other sister and brother and sometimes we do it so casually that the real meaning escapes us.

The truth is, we do all leave a mark and we are sisters and brothers and while we may not be able to always put it into words, we do understand.

So, if you understand what I am saying, thank you for the influence you have had, the mark you have left, either directly, or indirectly though others.
If you do not understand, hang in there.
Find your passion.
Connect with others who share your passion.
Then, you will understand.

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