Wednesday, December 9, 2015

AFT Connecticut goes to Washington

I’m riding on the train from Washington to home with the offices of AFT Connecticut.

We started with a day-long meeting on Friday in Connecticut, followed by 2 days in Philadelphia, and then 2 days is DC.

A lot of meetings, a lot of travel.

We met in Philadelphia with AFT leaders from across the northeast and in DC with leadership from A&R (our largest affiliate in Connecticut), leaders from AFT North Dakota and representatives of many of the departments of AFT in an “orientation” of  leadership.  We also met with AFT President Randi Weingarten and AFT Executive Secretary/Treasurer Loretta Johnson and their staffs.

We began a process of long range strategic planning for our state federation on Friday and that continued through the weekend. I want to give special thanks to Randi’s Chief Counsel, Mark Richards, for helping us with all this.  His experience, expertise, and guidance is wonderful.

We travelled many geographical miles, but more than that, we travelled many miles towards the goal that Jan set when she assembled this leadership team, a Union that puts Members First, that is built on Communication & Collaboration, Transparency, and Organization.

Our members work incredibly hard, in our schools, our hospitals, health centers, as VNAs, and as public servants.  They deserve leadership that believes in them, works as hard as they do, and are good stewards of their trust.


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