Saturday, November 7, 2015

Enough is enough, we demand respect

I have been spending a lot of time recently in the Danbury and New Milford Connecticut area.
The reason I make the 4 hour round trip is because I have been there before.
I don't mean physically, although that is also true, I mean I have been where these workers have been.
I have struggled to stand up with my coworkers. It is not easy.

1100 dedicated caregivers are standing up for themselves, their families, their community and their patients. These are techs, therapists, and other healthcare workers, the Respirtory Theripists, Occupational Theripists, Physical Theripists, CNAs, and so many more. Almost all of the caregivers other than the RNs who have been unionized for over 30 years.

The reaction?

The community is standing with them.

Nearly 150 community members stood with them last weekend at a candle light vigil for healthcare, including neighbors, clergy, legislators, and union sisters and brothers.
State representatives Arconti and Godfrey and U S Senator Blumenthal stood with them. Senator Murthy could not be there but called and pledged his support.
Members of CHCA, the union of workers at the other WCHN network hospital, Newington, joined us.  
They understand.
They are facing some of the same difficulties with the same employer.
They came to show solidarity.

The hospital is showing disrespect.

They have broken the law several times.  
The federal government has ordered a new election for the Healthcare Workers. The hospital is dragging their feet with legal maneuvers because they know that they cannot win without breaking the law.
The federal government has also charged the hospital with breaking the law yet AGAIN!
The trial for that will be in January.

The hospital is also showing disrespect towards the LPN/Tech/ Theripists at the nenotiation table. They will not agree to the most basic contract language. Not even non economic language that has been in the RN contract for 30 years and has never been a burden to the hospital.

The reason is clear- the hospital wants to break the LPN/Tech/ Theripists group. 
One year after voting to stand together, the hospital will not show them enough respect to at least recognize their wishes.

All these 1100 workers are strong.
They have been patient. They have been respectful. All they want is to work in an atmosphere where they are respected for the wonderful caregiving they are famous for.
The hospital have shown disrespect. 

These workers will not waiver.
The rest of the 30,000 members of AFT Connectict, the 1.6 million members of AFT, the 28 million members of the AFL-CIO, the community and the legislators will stand with them.

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