Saturday, March 28, 2015


PLANs, the Partnership for Leaders and Activists for New Solutions, is a partnership of AFT Connecticut members and leaders who are guided by the following principles:
I. Membership First – The belief that the strength of AFT is in its members. AFT-CT’s leadership has an obligation to continually speak not only to the presidents of locals, but to their executive boards, and most importantly to the memberships.
II. Communication & Collaboration – The belief that once the desires of the membership are understood, together we achieve more. This is only possible in a climate of respect.
III. Transparency – The belief AFT-CT leadership has an obligation to make membership aware of the work being done. To be true to the movement, policies and practices must align.
IV. Organization – The belief that AFT-CT needs to identify the work that needs to be done should be outlined and prioritized in short-term and long-term plans.

We have formed a slate of officers and executive board vice presidents for the upcoming election on May 16.  
Our team is led by Jan Hochadel.
When I met Jan I found someone who shares an enthusiasm for the possibilities of the movement.
She has an ability to see the big picture, make long term plans and goals, and the ability to take care of the day to day small details needed to achieve these long term plans.
We got together late last summer and we discussed our thoughts and feelings on the movement, and shared our experiences. She informed me of her intent to run for President and I offered her my support.
Latter, she came back to me and asked me to be a part of her team.  I am proud to help her in any way I can.
She asked for just one thing.
That I disagree with her.
That one fact speaks volumes about her.  She refuses to surround herself with people who will agree with her just to agree.
She insists on hearing other's opinions and considers them all thoughtfully.
At the same time, she has no problem making the final decision herself.

The members of PLANs see the possibilities of the movement.  
We understand it will take hard work, and we know it will take PLANs.
We also know that we have found the team, and the woman, to make the possibilities a reality.

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