Saturday, February 22, 2014

Good friends

When Lt Governor Nancy Wyman asks, "How are things at Backus John?", you can tell she really means it.
She cares whether or not we are respected, whether or not we can advocate for our patients, our coworkers, and ourselves.
The Governor cares too. Just let him start telling you about how his mom was a nurse who started a union.

So when I told the Lt Governor today that we were making progress both in finding our voice and improving labor/management relations she was pleased. But when I told her that Backus denied 23 individuals health insurance because they missed a 10 day signup period, even though they had some reasonable extenuating circumstances, she was not pleased.

It may take new contract language to correct this, but unlike in the past, now it is not impossible, because now we have a contract, and good friends, in good places.

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