Sunday, January 13, 2013


The Flu has hit us hard!
The volume of patients the last few weeks has been unrelenting.  Add the GI bug that always seems to be going around, but is on an uptake now, and the usual amount of chest pains, headaches, abdominal pains and injuries, and I'm one tired nurse at the end of a shift.
I'm fighting a head cold myself and many of the staff have had the GI bug or  some form of a respiratory "virus".  The staff believes that if you refuse to call it the "Flu" it will not be, but then again, we are the same people who won't say the work "q#iet" out load for fear of bad luck.
The community has been warned that the Flu is in high gear.  Children cannot visit in the hospital and there are masks at the doors.
Some people come in and say, "I think I have the flu."
Well if you don't, you probably will by the time you leave the ER, because half the people in the waiting room have it!
One of our doctors was going through so many tissues the other day that patients wanted to know if there was anything they could do for him.
The news says stay home, rest, drink lots of fluid.
All great ideas, but most of our patients don't have a nanny, a maid, and a hedge fund,
they just have the Flu!