Sunday, February 21, 2021

Corona Virus Update, 2/21/21

 Our Covid hospitalizations in CT dropped to 535 this week and our % positive cases was between 2-3%. Almost all our nursing home residents have been vaccinated, and about 65% of our 75+ state residents and we’ve move on to our 65-75 year olds. Over 500,000 CT residents (14%) have received at least their first dose and we’re vacinating over 81,000 new people a week.

We have about 3.5 total CT residents. 

The small clinic I volunteer at, Northeast District Department of Health, has vaccinated over 3,000 and I’m proud to be part of the 11,000 volunteers working across the state, the result of a call from Office of Governor Ned Lamont

The limiting factor is the supply of vacinations and we are hopeful that this supply will increase soon.

Our the darker side, we have now lost over 7500 CT residents to Covid-19.

My reaction to the first dose, about 10 days ago, was a sore arm for about 2 days.

This past week, UHP University Health Professionals Local 3837 Bill Garrity and I testified for a bill in the CT legislature that would extend treatment for emotional and mental injury to all workers under Worker’s Compensation. Covid has made clear the need for this.

This week, we will be supporting legislation that would presume that if a CT essential worker contracted Covid, that it happened at work. At the present time, the burden fo proof lies with the healthcare or other essential worker, in order to be elligible for Worker’s Compensation. With this legislation, a hospital or other business could still challenge the case, but care would not be delayed.

Also this week, or soon afterwards, we expect U.S. Representative Joe Courtney for Congress to reintroduce legislation calling for an OSHA Standard for Workplace Violence against Healthcare Workers and Social Workers. A similar bill passed the House with bipartisan support but died in the Senate. Our hope is that with a new Senate, this needed legislation could become law. Congressman Courtney has worked diligently on this for several years with the support of Labor, including AFT Connecticut , AFT Nurses & Health Professionals  and Connecticut AFL-CIO

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